We'd love for you to get to know our artisan vendors! Each one of these wonderful human beings is dedicated to producing products that do not contribute to our toxin load. Each of them is also on board with our mission of supporting social justice, and for that, we are grateful! 

Melanie Long, Certified Master Herbalist, Embracing Earth

"I started making natural skin care when I learned how many toxins were in the products that I used, and they didn't deliver the results they claimed to. I began studying herbalism to find natural solutions to various skin care issues. As  a previous cosmetologist, my passion has always been to help others feel and look their best. Now I can take another approach to this, in a natural, earth friendly way."


Synde Rogers, Certified Aromatherapist, SR Aromatherapy 

Synde is a native Texan, proud grandma, and a passionate advocate for holistic health. She enjoys making informed use of alternative modalities accessible for people, via her consultations through Rock + Rose Wellness, and her intentionally blended aromatherapy products have been a hit with our customers! Synde is a wealth of information, both because of her own research and education, and her own personal experiences. 


Kaitlin Kurth, She + Soy 

"I began She+Soy to create clean-burning, strongly-scented, vegan candles with luxe, one of a kind fragrance combinations. A biomedical engineer by degree, I’ve experimented with hundreds of wax, wick, and scent combinations to create a perfect balance of sophisticated scents and eco/animal friendly products."



Katybeth Hagler, Herbal Tinctures

"My name is Katybeth Hagler, and I make herbal apothecary goods and natural immune-boosting tonics. I began using natural folk remedies to take care our family’s minor illnesses, and that’s when I made my first batch of Fire Cider and Elderberry Syrup. I love being able to provide quality, homemade products to those who are seeking a more natural approach to their family’s health."


Lacey Salois, Hill Country Homemades

"We believe in providing quality products with simple ingredients, no dyes or additives. All of our formulas are backed with science and made with love."



Dayle Binder, Herd Queen


Jennifer Nguyen White, The Love Struck Co.