Organizations We Support.



Prior and/or ongoing recipients of profits:

The Navajo Water Project. Because 1 in 3 people in the Navajo Nation do not have a sink, a toilet, or running water. 

InnerCity Community Development (ICDC) is dedicated to revitalizing and building a strong, thriving, and healthy South Dallas/Fair Park community. ICDC believes we all should enjoy a decent standard of living and recognizes there is a critical wealth gap between Anglos and African Americans. ICDC works to close this wealth gap through Home Ownership, Entrepreneur, and Work Development Centers. These programs are fundamental in moving people to self-reliance. 

Operation Airdrop is a Texas based 501(c)3 non-profit that organizes general aviation assets in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Founded in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, they specialize in post hurricane flooding recovery. When roadways remain flooded or washed out and communities cannot be resupplied with life-giving essentials by ground vehicles, we arrange for them to be flown in. Most recently, during #snowvid2021, Operation Airdrop helped to coordinate donations in the aftermath of the storm, to ensure people had basic supplies, including drinking water, which was in short supply. 

Community Council of Greater Dallas is committed to assisting those who are most in need and have been impacted by COVID-19 due to limited resources available. They take pride in removing people from difficult conditions and help them reach their maximum potential by being a voice in the community. Their EmpowerYou! team offers wellness workshops to help educated the community based on their healthcare needs. 

Resources Inspiring Success and Empowering (R.I.S.E.) Youth transitioning out of foster care often do not have access to resources that help them transition into independence. This organization is working to bridge that gap. 

Unbound Fort Worth provides empowerment and proactive education to ensure safety, as well as crisis intervention, and aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking. 

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation is a safe place where the memory and continued research of the Inuit and the Métis Nation is kept alive for current and future generations. 

Feed the People Dallas is a mutual-aid benefactor that strives to better local families in the black and person of color communities. Feed the People Dallas assists families with free groceries - no questions asked. They also offer basic medic care, laundry services, and basic resources. 

SaveHaven  provides 24 hours care to two local shelters in Tarrant County. Their goal is to help provide a positive impact in those affected by domestic violence. 

Moon Time Sisters Ontario is a volunteer-led organization that began in March 2017. We partner with over 30 northern Indigenous communities in Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories to supply people who menstruate with free period products. Moon Time Sisters Ontario works with high schools, health care centres, food banks, women’s shelters, midwifery organizations, and community programs to ensure these products are accessible to the community. 

Ojibwe Cultural Foundation. Kerri (owner of Moss + Crystal) grew up hearing her Mom talk about life on the reservation, her siblings being forced into residential schools, and being punished for speaking their native language. The Ojibwe Cultural Foundation was created to revitalize that language and preserve culture, arts, spirituality, and traditions. 

Intended future recipients of profits:

The Trevor Project supports LGBTQ youth through suicide prevention, advocacy, research, and education programs. They endeavor to build a world that honors and affirms every LGBTQ young person. 

The Innocence Project exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.